Strolling Around Chinatown, Singapore – We were delighted to live an incredible experience with Yotel Singapore in a daydream environment, Orchard Road in Singapore. That time was just like a dream, like coming back in time. We began the day with breakfast in the wonderful Yotel Singapore enjoying the very beautiful views of the city. After that, We took an MRT trip to discover different and unknown places in Singapore. We really enjoyed this, because even having been already a couple of times in the city, in this trip we discovered other locations. And our last destination was Chinatown, full of surprises.

Here’s what we saw:

Where we stayed. Book now:

Stay tuned for more of our Yotel Singapore adventures.


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  1. Wow
    I am so interested with chinatown in some countries
    but i never visit chinatown in singapore
    On December, i will visit this place.
    Is it easy to find out halal food there?

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