Stunning Views Between Perth and Shark Bay

JW1920 to shark bay | camera Sony NEX-7 – Visit national park is one of Travel Junkie Indonesia favourite activities. I’m a big fans of Western Australia’s National Parks.

“I adore Shark Bay, and I love Little Lagoon, Monkey Mia and Shell Beach – the colours of the water and coastline are just glorious.” -Travel Junkie Indonesia said.

Western Australia boasts a world-class parks system, which protects some of the most stunning formations and landscapes on Earth.

But hey, it works for me.

Below are stunning views between Perth and Shark Bay from the sky during our travels a few months ago.

I have to say Shark Bay is one of my favourite spots but there are so many different places and experiences in WA.

45 minutes of Relax Time starts now. “Travel Junkie Indonesia in the sky with diamond.” said the beatles, ups!

perth view | camera Sony NEX-7

perth feels like | camera Sony NEX-7

wa circle, green and brown | camera Sony NEX-7

wa piramide blue | camera Sony NEX-7

everybody knows | camera Sony NEX-7

shark bay flow | camera Sony NEX-7

baby blue and brown | camera Sony NEX-7

shark bay airport | camera Sony NEX-7

I tell you what. It was amazing.

In fact, it was so much amazing I think I might falling with Western Australia now.

Ahh, we had a fantastic time and we were glowing with happiness.

This post is part of Discover Western Australia blog series.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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