Sunset In Makassar, South Sulawesi – We have already told you that the Makassar sunsets are probably what we miss most about the city. In today’s photos we spent some time in one of our favourite areas, Losari Beach, as the sun went down.

Our second stop in the area was at Jalan Somba Opu at Toko Citra Sulawesi, an amazing local mart where you can get your hands on some really cool things. We bought some souvenirs and some presents, but the truth is that we would have bought a lot more stuff if we could.

We then walked to Rumah Makan Sulawesi Baru, on Jalan Pattimura, one of our favourite local restaurants.

Our perfect afternoon can be summarised as: shopping and fishcakes. There is no place in the world to be happier than in Makassar.

Makassar Sunset. #tripofwonders #wonderfulindonesia

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