Sunset in Peucang Island, Ujung Kulon National Park – One of the most enjoyable things in Peucang Island, Ujung Kulon National Park was the sun setting. Every day we watched it from a different beach taking pictures and seeking the best light of the whole island. This snaps were at the Peucang Hills Beach, one of our favs. We only need three things: a rucksack full of goods, our camera and comfy shoes. We normally agree on what shoes to wear as was the case today. Bata comfy shoes are the perfect pair for a weekend away, they are so comfy. We know what we are talking about as we always walk for hours. Here are these lovely photos which smell of wood, forest and ocean.

Just a note, if you are thinking of coming please leave no trash behind. And take with only memories, photos and videos.

Stay tuned for my adventures in the Ujung Kulon National Park.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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