Super Sweaty Sauna in Munich – We love traveling and there’s so many different ways of doing it. You can go on a trip to explore new places or to garden in the city. You can travel to have fun with your friends or to enjoy the peace and quiet. Whichever way you do it, traveling is good. The most important thing about traveling is the actual experience. The sensations and memories that you will take away from a unique and special holiday. The other day, we went to 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian Hotel and our stay was amazing, the kind of stay that you enjoy every minute of.

The wellness area is located on the 4th floor with a delightful quiet terrace facing the atrium. Equipped with a sauna and a spacious rest area, it is an inviting place to kick back and relax after a busy day in the city. The sauna’s pinewood panelling exudes a salubrious scent, while the hoses and splash showers provide for the necessary cool-down after a session in the sauna. It was our first sauna in Europe this year and our first trip in Munich…

You can take a lot away from a hotel but from our hotel sauna we have taken away one of those experiences that make you feel like a star.

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