Super-tasty Nasi Bakar Harmoni at Harmony Square – I went to Harmony Square at Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni, which has a raised. It was a lovely, spacious place to sit, and was not noisy or echoey at all.

I ordered the Nasi Bakar Harmoni, stuffed special coconut rice with banana leaf served with fried chicken, prawn braised egg, steamed salty fish in oil, soy bean curd, and deep fried beef. It was really excellent!

The coconut rice with banana leaf were the perfect temperature, the chicken was delicious and marinated nicely.

I had a Peach Joy too, which was great.

Ouch! Overall, it was really delicious. And, it was such a great place to sit for an afternoon meal, that I will definitely be back to try some other lunch offerings from the menu.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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