Sustainable Rides In Point Nepean National Park – The summer is the perfect time to travel, although if you haven’t had the chance to enjoy your holidays first, the best thing for you to do is to discover your own city. Mornington Peninsula really does have something for everyone and is practically busy at this time of year as most people come here for the heat and the beach, making it the best time of the year to explore. The best time of the day to venture off is the afternoon and we suggest you wear comfortable stuff. The truth is that we love the Point Nepean National Park throughout the whole year, whether it rains or its super hot. Each season offers a different perspective and being able to enjoy an e-scooter ride around the park is totally priceless.

In many cities around the world, more electric mobility is cleaner mobility. This means less local pollution and fewer climate-related emissions for cities, especially where electricity grids include an increasing share of renewable energy.

Electric Scooters are one of simply the most efficient form of transports. They produce no waste, cleaner mobility, and wellbeing. If we all used a e-scooter to get to work and visit friends and family or went on e-scootering holidays instead of road trips, it would have an immediate and profound effect on our fossil fuel use and contribution to climate change. Finally, as if all this is not compelling enough, e-scootering just 10km each way to work, once a week, instead of driving saves about $926 and 304kg of greenhouse gases each year.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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