Sweet Symphony in Munduk Village Bali

kadek ricefields | taken with Benq DC E820

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I decided to go for a spontaneous outing and take my three friends to Kadek home in Kayu Putih village, Munduk – Central Bali.

I was excited! which is usually excellent. A change in dynamics is always good for everyone.

In the 1500s a colony came to Bali from a failed empire – the Majapahit Empire in  Java, and there was an exodus of intellectuals, artists, priests and musicians to Bali at that time, which explains the creative pulse that remains here today.

Kayu Putih village, Munduk, I was really delighted to discover this village.  So much more, that I leave you to discover my travel blog page to know more about the village.

travel junkie colombia on the bamboo bridge | taken with Benq DC E820

fantastic munduk green coffee | taken with Benq DC E820

delicious munduk yellow kakao | taken with Benq DC E820

kadek and ronny on the kakao party | taken with Benq DC E820

munduk young blood and relax | taken with Benq DC E820

Like I said, I love Kayu Putih village, Munduk. It’s a coffee, a kakao and spice growing region. Very beautiful, not built-up and cool fresh air!

It was such a gorgeous day outside!

Look at that. My friends is dancing around ricefields and in the water being happy as a puppy dog, while sulks and refuses to “have fun”.

The wellspring calmed me down. I felt like a mad, feral monster with wild crazy hair, warts and fangs… slowly turning back into a human being.

dance with somebody at wellspring | taken with Benq DC E820

kadek father as our gending bamboo teacher | taken with Benq DC E820

ayam kampung in the special lunch | taken with Benq DC E820

rafflesia arnodia at the kadek house areas | taken with Benq DC E820

My friend, Kadek – bless his the owner village – found a Rafflesia Arnodia or Bunga Bangkai for us.

Yo look at that! I actually look quite happy. It was FANTASTIC!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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