Stockholm Archipelago Tour – The best thing about Stockholm is that you can visit different parts of the world without even leaving the city and Stockholm archipelago is a must-do. From south to north to south… Grisslehamn, Norrtälje, Ljusterö, Grinda, Vaxholm, Nacka,… Continue Reading

Sweden Archipelago Tour – I made a promise during my last slow trip around Sweden: to repeat the experience in France. That is why a few days ago I packed my rucksack, took an archipelago tour from Stockholm to Vaxholm and set… Continue Reading

Moko from the Solor Alor Archipelago – The Solor Alor archipelago is home to some indigenous tribal groups that are renowned for their Moko drum culture. Alor’s chief fame lies in its mysterious Moko – Bronze drums about 50cm high and 33cm across, tapered in… Continue Reading