BACK IN THE ISLAND OF GOD – Outfit pictures in Bali. We are in Mercure Bali Legian and weโ€™ll spend the rest of the week in this amazing island of God! So excited with all the things to come! More pictures! Follow our trip on… Continue Reading

Go Back in Time with Tempura at Tempura Tsunahachi Shinagawa Inter City, Tokyo – Japan – Who says good tempura has to be expensive? Surviving amid the gleaming modern buildings of Shinagawa, Tsunahachi‘s battered wooden premises are a throwback to the early post-war era – as are the prices. I was completely surprised. I… Continue Reading

Back to Basics in Cengklik Sunset – Everyday is like sunday, Iโ€™m loving the natural colour palette for this season โ€“ especially exotic whites, off exotic whites, nudes and sunset. I took a stroll in the reservoir, and I just sat on the warm boat,… Continue Reading