Nias Island Fashion Show, Absolutely Amazing! – Hi travel junkies! This blog post NOT about New York Fashion Week or Stockholm Fashion Week. But, I attended a fashion show in the middle of the Nias island… but with a difference. AAAKK! I had the honour… Continue Reading

The Faces of Nias Island – Hi travel junkies everywhere! Yesterday, I wrote about the stone music of Nias island. And, this day, I’m sharing a bit about the faces of Niassans. A super cute, a glance, a look, a shy smile, a tan,… Continue Reading

The Stone Music of Nias Island – Bawomataluo village, Nias island is best known for its diversity of festivals and celebration. The most well-known events are War Dances, performed regularly for travel junkies, and Stone Jumping, a manhood ritual that sees young men leaping over… Continue Reading

Extraordinary Experiences Nias War Dance – A few years ago, I was invited to the glamorous Nias Cultural Passage with Sony Alpha. Nias is best known for its diversity of festivals and celebration. The ‘wave’ is superb and has deservedly kept this far-flung island… Continue Reading

Babae: Traditional food from Bawömataluo – Ya’ahowu! Babae is traditional food from Bawömataluo, South Nias. It has unique taste. DELICIOUS! But, for people outside Nias, the taste of Babae is not familiar. This food is commonly presented only on traditional ceremonies such as giving… Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Visit Nias Island – I have to be honest and say that when NGIndonesia & Sony Indonesia approached me and asked me to join their photo trip to Nias Island, I didn’t know very much about professional photographic, I’m not travel photographer.… Continue Reading