How to Bike Like An Amsterdammer, Holland – Amsterdam should be a cyclist’s dream. Bikes are a great way of getting around Amsterdam. The city has about 4.000 kms (2.480 miles) of cycle paths and so many bikes it’s like the Tour de France for normal… Continue Reading

Melbourne Bike Share – A great way to travel around Melbourne. Melbourne Bike Share is a new form of public transport, designed for short trips across the city. Simply purchase a subscription that suits you, take a bike when you need it… Continue Reading

The Real Melbourne Bike Tours – A few weeks ago, I joined a cycling group to do a Real Melbourne Bike Tours along the city! We started at Vault Federation Whalf, riverside level below Federation Square, made our way up the atmosphere as you… Continue Reading

Stop and Smell The Melbourne – This was me taking a little breather by the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne. I had cycled and was on my way to a little heaven perched along the city. I stopped to pose haha. And how I love riding… Continue Reading

Melbourne, You’re My Light – Cycling is very popular here in Melbourne. Lots of people who spend THOUSANDS of dollars on their bikes and all kinds of techy, geeky bike gear. Iโ€™m loving my wheels. The rush. The speed. The pain. The racing… Continue Reading