THE ORIGIN OF FAMOUS CAKE IN TRANG, THAILAND – I’ve been baking again! We went to Kuk Ming-Lum Phura Cake Shop, the origin of famous cake in Trang, Thailand. Trang Cake is a cake that made of only a few ingredients; flour, butter, sugar, food color, baking… Continue Reading

Awh @TheSunanHotel, Great Accommodation in Surakarta – Decided to traveling some place (for the first time, especially), you first concern is going to be ‘where to stay?’. Are you in Solo or Surakarta? the other day, I found one place when I visited Solo. People… Continue Reading

Klappertart Cake Ala @TheSunanHotel Solo – I am very excited at the moment. Here are my foodie highlights of the week. Klappertart cake is an Indonesian cuisine from North Sulawesi; somewhere between custard pudding and cake filled with sliced young coconuts. It has a… Continue Reading