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The Chemistry Between Borneo – Sharing a spectacular view from Tarakan to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. We spotted this beautiful landscape of sunset and deep gold sky over Borneo. It was FREAKING PERFECTOOOO!!! This picture is part of Discover Derawan Islands blog series:

6 Things You Can Do To Preserve Sea Turtles & Environment in Derawan Islands – In order to preserve Turtle and enabling our comfort environment, we expect visitors to adhere the following notions. Here are six things you can do to preserve sea turtles and environment in Derawan Islands:

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Rock You Like A Travel Junkie In Sangalaki Island – I love a good holiday! The perfect spot for endless summer nights in wonderful islands. Enjoying his meditation with the mindheart-blowing view from the Sangalaki Island, Derawan Islands – East Kalimantan. Sangalaki is the world capital of Mantas.

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