Dodola Islands Crawling – The other day, we traveled to North Halmahera to explore the islands culture and private islands. We started our trip in the capital Morotai and hopped on a leak boat to the northern islands. After exploring the pasific… Continue Reading

Postcards from Dodola Islands –Β Yes I am back home in Dodola Islands. It’s a little island off the coast of Morotai, fringed with white sand as soft as powder snow, paired with an even smaller island by a narrow isthmus which disappears altogether… Continue Reading

Discover WWII History in Morotai Island – Off Halmahera’s northern tip, this sparsely populated island became a minor Japanese base during WWII. It leapt to importance when it was captured by the Allies and used to bomb Manila to bits – the sad fulfilment of… Continue Reading

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