Holiday in Banyuwangi: Baluran National Park – After our trip to Ijen Crater, we decided to drive in the direction of Baluran National Park, ‘Indonesia’s little bit of Africa’, this park was once extensive grasslands covering some 250 sq km on the northeastern corner of… Continue Reading

Holiday in Banyuwangi: Indonesia’s Blue Fire Volcano Party – In the midnight, my friends and I travelled around Banyuwangi. One of my favourite memories was hiked down into the Kawah Ijen, where blue fire can often be seen streaming down the mountain at night. The glow is… Continue Reading

Great Weekend at Kedung Tumpang Beach, Tulungagung, East Java – Kedung Tumpang is the coastline in Tulungagung that we most wanted to see when we flew in a few months ago and the truth is that we were not disappointed. After a 3.5 hours drive from Surakarta we… Continue Reading

Bromo To Be Wild – Hey travel junkies! Here’s the promised post where you saw a tiny tiny preview on instagram & facebook. Get your horse runnin’ Head out on the highway Looking for adventure In whatever comes our way I know I… Continue Reading

Incredible Yoga on the Mount Bromo – Hi everyone, I have some fabulous new updates from Mount Bromo to share with you, where International Travel Blogger spent much of last month. I had a really wonderful, simple, but meaningful days. Located some four hours drive… Continue Reading