Party Animal In Karanganyar, Central Java – The other day, the sun was out and fresh, the rubber forest was bright and felt alive. In the wild, the rubber trees (hevea brasiliensis) grow to heights of 100 to 130 feet, and can live up to… Continue Reading

Green Opening POP! Hotel Sangaji Tugu Yogyakarta – June 14th 2012. The ‘Green Opening’ Ceremony of POP! Hotel Sangaji Tugu – Yogyakarta held today attended by the Chief of the Air Staff Marshal TNI Imam Sufaat, Vice Governor of Yogyakarta Sri Paku Alam IX, representatives of… Continue Reading

Top 10 Easy Tips for Traveling Green – With climate change, vanishing ozone, rising sea levels and the endangerment of the world’s cuddliest creatures, the need to be environmentally responsible now extends beyond fringe scientists, trendy celebrities and campaigning American presidents. More and more travelers are… Continue Reading