Mamuya Hot Springs in Galela, North Halmahera – Hi travel junkies! While we were in Tobelo. We visited Mamuya hot spring in Galela, North Halmahera. Galela is a region best for its beautiful forests, tropical farms, rice fields, springs and overall stunning views. It is only… Continue Reading

Indonesia’s Indigenous People Adventure – Hi travel junkies! One morning at Tobelo, North Halmahera. I woke up at 5am. My friends and I participated in an Indigenous People walking congress has been arranged. It was FANTASTIC! In Indonesia, visiting indigenous communities has never… Continue Reading

Kakara Island Groove – The other days. After having spent a few days in the bustling city of Tobelo for the National Alliance of Indigenous People Congress, we finally arrived in Kakara Island, Tobelo – North Halmahera. Everything feels different here, this… Continue Reading

The Storms Come in Halmahera – Ta da! The weather hit us. Watching the storm come in over Kakara Island, Tobelo – Halmahera. Look at the storms clouds rolling towards us! The wind was strong. The rain poured. It was cold. It was a… Continue Reading

Dodola Islands Crawling – The other day, we traveled to North Halmahera to explore the islands culture and private islands. We started our trip in the capital Morotai and hopped on a leak boat to the northern islands. After exploring the pasific… Continue Reading

The Man Who Sold the Halmahera – Just want the world to know… that I love North Halmahera so so so much! This is Katreji ladies, and I. Such a fun afternoon. It was AMAZING! Photo by hafidz novalsyah. I was wearing a classic tee… Continue Reading

Travel Like Pirates in Tobelo – Experiencing new things and having shifts in perspective. This is probably why I travel so much. Balance is also important. So as much as I love music and movies, I need my walks and rides through nature. My… Continue Reading

The Travel Junkie in Ikat Style – Oh my. I found this old photos of my friends and I in Ikat style in the National Alliance of Indigenous People Congress. And, I totally choked up with delight and nostalgia. It our Ikat style. Wear a… Continue Reading

Between the Sunset, the Sea, Pawole Island and Kakara Island – Once upon a time on an island of spices. I had a really wonderful, simple, but meaningful day. The world is getting smaller every year. April 2012, I’ve been in Tobelo, North Halmahera for Congress of the Indigenous… Continue Reading

[video] Sound From the East by the Social Traveler– We love eastern Indonesia. Cokiliciouz’s latest video is a brilliant black-and-white with sound from the eastern Indonesia. Aku adalah Papua, aku adalah Maluku, aku adalah Nusa Tenggara, aku adalah Sulawesi (I’m Papua, I’m Maluku, I’m Nusa Tenggara, I’m Sulawesi).… Continue Reading

Getting Skinny Dipping in Tobelo – April 2012, I’ve been in Tobelo for three weeks and I figured it was about time I started to live a bit more like a local. Why did I get skinny dipping in Tobelo? Travel has done some… Continue Reading

Postcards from Dodola Islands – Yes I am back home in Dodola Islands. It’s a little island off the coast of Morotai, fringed with white sand as soft as powder snow, paired with an even smaller island by a narrow isthmus which disappears altogether… Continue Reading