About The Harris Festival Citylink Bandung

Thetraveljunkie.org – Returning to Bandung was pretty special – but I have to say, the Harris Festival Citylink Bandung was unforgettable. Located at Jalan Peta No. 241, only 5 minutes drive from Pasir Koja Toll Gate. The hotel is connected… Continue Reading

[VIDEO] Bandung Calling!

Thetraveljunkie.org – My friends and I took a trip to Bandung. Bandung calling! Surrounded by volcanic mountains, this city used to be filled with tea plantations established by the Dutch who wanted to capitalise on the region’s fertility. Bandung is… Continue Reading

Saung Angklung Udjo For Sustainable Heritage, Bandung – Indonesia

Thetraveljunkie.org – When I stayed in Harris Ciumbuleuit. I had the pleasure of attending the Saung Angklung Udjo show in Bandung, Indonesia. For my international reader, Saung Angklung Udjo is a workshop where the culture, which is the venue, the… Continue Reading

Let’s Go DiscGlow with Harris Ciumbuleuit, Bandung – Indonesia

Thetraveljunkie.org – Kisses from Bandung, yay! Bandung is specially in favored in having close at hand and easy of access, many beauty spots of natural marvels rarely to the met with anywhere else in the world within an area small.… Continue Reading

Harris Hotel & Residences – Riverview Kuta Bali

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Harris hotels & resorts yang begitu populer dengan tagline “simple, unique, friendly”. Hadir di Bali dengan tiga lokasi yang berbeda yaitu Tuban Bali, Kuta Beach Bali, dan Riverview Kuta Bali. Kembali, orang-orang yang sangat keren di Tauzia Hotel… Continue Reading

Pop! Harris Hotel: a place to stay smart and eco-friendly travellers

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Saya punya berita yang sangat Pop! Weekend ini, Travel Junkie Indonesia bergaya pop semua klop! Orang-orang yang sangat keren di Tauzia Hotel Management mensponsori akomodasi Travel Junkie Indonesia untuk stay di Pop! Harris hotel – a place to… Continue Reading