Indonesia’s Indigenous People Adventure – Hi travel junkies! One morning at Tobelo, North Halmahera. I woke up at 5am. My friends and I participated in an Indigenous People walking congress has been arranged. It was FANTASTIC! In Indonesia, visiting indigenous communities has never… Continue Reading

Top 10 Indigenous in Western Australia – Today, the Indigenous cultures of WA provide a continuous and living link with ancient knowledge and the land, passed on through song, dance, visual arts, the reading of the seasons and ceremony. There are more than 250 Indigenous… Continue Reading

Helping Indigenous Communities to Enhance Climate Change Resilience in Siberut Biosphere Reserve – Well, Travel Junkie Indonesia SO excited to tell you all about this information. UNESCO has contributed to overcome the rapid loss of forest cover and biodiversity as well as promoted sustainable development in Siberut Biosphere Reserve where a… Continue Reading