Get A Duck’s Eye View of Stockholm! – If there’s something I share is my growing love for nature. Paddle in the city and archipelago! Rent a kayak or canoe and paddle your way from island to island. Paddle among all the city’s islands and walk… Continue Reading

Guided Tours on Foot in Stockholm, Sweden – I love this idea. I love taking any opportunity to get away from my daily routine and to create some experiences that I’ll remember forever. In Stockholm, I took guided tours on foot. And, if you wanna be… Continue Reading

Historical Canal Tour in Stockholm, Sweden – Stockholm’s beauty is best seen from the water! Here I am boating Historical Canal Tour, a journey through the history of Stockholm. It’s worth it to enjoy Kungsholmen, Stockholm’s second largest island. You will hear stories from Stockholm’s… Continue Reading

The Travel Junkie at Bredängs Vandrarhem Stockholm, Sweden – I visited Stockholm in Sweden for a city of experience and my choice of hotel was the one and only the Bredängs Vandrarhem Stockholm. Cozy and clean lodging in a friendly hostel 10km south of the City. Only… Continue Reading

See Stockholm in 20 Minutes With Skyview – As those of you who follow me on social networking sites will already know, I am currently enjoying a relatively long holiday in Stockholm. Today’s photos show my pick of must-sees in Stockholm: See Stockholm in 20 minutes… Continue Reading

A Fabulous Royal Canal Tour, Stockholm – We spent the first part of the journey having fun on the Royal Canal Tour. Scenery sightseeing! A tour through the greener parts of Stockholm. Leaving the inner city behind, we passed beautiful and famous buildings as we… Continue Reading

Experience Stockholm in 75 Minutes – Your alarm goes off way too early, you get in the shower and have breakfast in less than five minutes. You go out into the street. And, I want to show you something different about my city, Stockholm.… Continue Reading

Stockholm in 48 Hours – No matter what you’re looking for, Stockholm is a city of experiences. You’ll find hikes, viewpoints, guided tours, world heritage sites, over one hundred museums and other activities. This is Stockholm. Happy everything… And here is a guide… Continue Reading

Indonesian-Swedish Party in Stockholm, Sweden – When I was holidaying in Stockholm, some friends took me to Indonesian-Swedish Party. It had been a while since we had such a good time at a party, this has undoubtedly been one of the best yet! Stockholm… Continue Reading

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