INTO THE BELLY OF DRAGON IN LE KHAOKOB CAVE, TRANG – When in Trang, Thailand we visited Le Khaokop Cave, one of the must-visit caves in the world. We parked relatively near and we walked for a little while to take a canoe for into the belly of dragon.… Continue Reading

Journey Into the Venezia in Hua Hin, Thailand – When we were in Thailand, we went to check out the Venezia, Hua Hin. The Venezia, billed as a Lifestyle Destination, is the third tourist site in Hua Hin based on a water theme. The theme chosen by… Continue Reading

Step Into the Koala’s Woodland World, Phillip Island – Victoria – We went to visit the Koala Conservation Centre, which is a must if you’re a visiting Phillip Island. We spent a hour hanging out with koalas and friends and having a FANTASTIC day. The Koala Conservation Centre was… Continue Reading

Into Blue Lagoon Pearls, Shark Bay – The other day I was invited to a Blue Lagoon Pearls workshop, Monkey Mia, Shark Bay, Western Australia. There was a really lovely pearls workshop in the ocean. Greg Ridgley, Director of Monkey Mia Yacht Charters Pty Ltd… Continue Reading