Stuck in a Sangalaki Island Moment You Can’t Get Out of – I loved visiting Sangalaki Island, but my goal is to visit again at a time that I can enjoy the sea, meditation and spa under a warm East Borneo sun. This is the 3rd time I’ve stayed at… Continue Reading

Talk About Travel Blog in Creative Tourism at Faculty of Economics – University of Indonesia – Early this week, I had the honour and pleasure of being invited to a tourism marketing class at Faculty of Economics, Univesity of Indonesia, Depok. It was a very exciting and cool atmosphere. A simple and casual class,… Continue Reading

A Street Food Dinner with Sate Padang Barito – The other night, I skipped off by myself to enjoy a simple dinner at a little area called Barito, South Jakarta. There is an outdoor street food area, with tables under ‘fancy’ umbrella, push carts and under the… Continue Reading

The Brown Ocean in Gorontalo –  This is the brown ocean with an island and the storms clouds rolling towards us. We went cross tropical dreams country with our Indonesian friends in Gorontalo, Indonesia. We had the best time of our lives, being offline… Continue Reading

The Storms Come in Halmahera – Ta da! The weather hit us. Watching the storm come in over Kakara Island, Tobelo – Halmahera. Look at the storms clouds rolling towards us! The wind was strong. The rain poured. It was cold. It was a… Continue Reading

Memories From Marisa Village, Gorontalo – Living the grand life of a fishing village, in Gorontalo, Indonesia A few years ago, I took part in an amazing charity trip. I traveled and always met the sun and locals. Marisa is a small town with… Continue Reading

Dodola Islands Crawling – The other day, we traveled to North Halmahera to explore the islands culture and private islands. We started our trip in the capital Morotai and hopped on a leak boat to the northern islands. After exploring the pasific… Continue Reading

10 Most Played Travel Songs in Nias Island – Travel Junkie Indonesia had a Nias island trip. For travel junkies in the mood for a tropical island party… one of our entertainments is the music player, and thought the combined lists would make for a pretty great… Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Played Travel Songs in Malenge Island – Hi travel junkies and everyone everywhere! Travel Junkie Indonesia just had a big island trip in Togean Islands with two of my friends. In this island trip, one of our entertainments is the music player, and there are… Continue Reading

Malenge Island Tropical White Out – Hi travel junkies and everyone! This is the outfit I wore to the Malenge Island the other day! The Tropical Print Tee is by Taring Padi (a community of underground artists) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I admit the material… Continue Reading