Chilling at Indische Buurt, Amsterdam – The other day, we went to Indische Buurt for work and spend some time getting lost in this amazing city. The weather was not that great so we decided to spend the afternoon in the kapsalon, book store… Continue Reading

One Afternoon in Bibliotheek Indische Buurt, Amsterdam – I headed down to Oba Biblioteek Indische Buurt with 3 other localfriends. When I saw the 12,000 music CDs, I was struck with spontaneous craziness, stripped off and jumped in – in my black-major fx headphone from Marshall.… Continue Reading

Visiting the Library and Knowledge Centre – Some time ago, someone sent me an email about “How to Find Balance in Your Life”. I reply with “Living with Style and Spirit: do something brainy and intellectual”. This day, we bring you to Library and Knowledge… Continue Reading

Talk About Travel Blogging at Padjadjaran University – I am SO excited to tell you all about this update. I graduated from Padjadjaran University’s Information and Library Department in Bandung in 2007. “To succeed in this day and age, all you need to be ahead of… Continue Reading

20 Best Libraries in Jakarta – Jakarta is the center of government, economic, and trade center, with an area of the city reached 661 square kilometers. And, librarians are our friends. In the nonstop tsunami of global information, librarians provide us with floaties and… Continue Reading

Sweden: Mobil Striptease & Library – Di Stockholm, beberapa perpustakaan adalah tempat favorit gw. Salah satunya yaitu Stadsbibliotek yang berlokasi di Sveavägen 73. Entah berapa ratus jam sudah gw habiskan waktu gw di perpustakaan ini untuk membaca buku dan mengerjakan tugas sekolah. Gw baru… Continue Reading