How to Bike Like An Amsterdammer, Holland – Amsterdam should be a cyclist’s dream. Bikes are a great way of getting around Amsterdam. The city has about 4.000 kms (2.480 miles) of cycle paths and so many bikes it’s like the Tour de France for normal… Continue Reading

Lunch Like An Indonesian With Nasi Goreng at Seminyak Kitchen, Bali – The other day, I went to lunch at Seminyak Kitchen – worth to visit. It’s located at Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak. We arrived at 2pm. I’ve read so many positive reviews about this place.

Seminyak Morning, I Never Loved One Like You – I just want to show you my memories that best describes “you love me in the morning”, in the glorious tropical weather. It was difficult to get out of this bed, I don’t know if you can tell… Continue Reading

Lunch Like A Hawaiian at Aloha Terrace, South Tangerang – Indonesia – The other day, I stumbled across Aloha Terrace, a Hawaiian Cafe & Restaurant that I’ve been hearing about in the local search engine circles. I arrived at 2pm.  It was perfect! moment, as there’s always something magical about… Continue Reading

Eat Like An Italian at Mangia Mangia, Yokohama Landmark Tower, Japan – I was invited to dine at Mangia Mangia, a modern Italian restaurant in Yokohama Landmark Tower, Japan. It was large and spacious, it had carpeted floors, cushioned chairs, nice curtains to dampen all the restaurant noises… and it had… Continue Reading

Like A Local at Ameyoko Markets, Ueno, Tokyo – Japan – On the weekday, we went to visit Ameyoko Markets, Ueno – Tokyo. This maze of streets next to the railway tracks between Ueno and Okachimachi stations comprises two markets: the covered Ueno Centre Mall and open-air Ameyoko itself.

Just Like Honey in Harajuku Station, Tokyo – Japan – Here’s my sweet memories, waiting at the Harajuku station – a railway station in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) – at the start of the day. I’d catch the train, and I… Continue Reading

Act Like A Japanese at Toriyanse Asakusa Ramen, Tokyo – Japan – For real ramen or warm yourself up with the hot and spicy ramen, Toriyanse Asakusa Ramen is your stop. Since I was in Japan, I’m going to look for some Japanese food for lunch. First thing I thought… Continue Reading

Breakfast Like A Japanese at Marukita II, Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo – Japan – While we were in Tsukiji Fish Market, my local friend, Yumiko san, took me to Marukita II for breakfast. It was perfect! It’s a very pretty place. The interior, furniture, decor, indoor setting, lots of tables, in-keeping with… Continue Reading