Lunch Time in Gili Trawangan – Today I wanted to show you the photos that I took in Gili Trawangan when I worked on the Pearl of Trawangan shoot. I cannot wait to see the end result! I took advantage of some spare time… Continue Reading

Breakfast at Pearl Beach Lounge, Gili Trawangan – If there’s something you must visit when coming to Gili Trawangan, that’s Pearl Beach Lounge. It’s the exotic center of the island – a trip to all senses. It’s perfect to get lost around the best foods and… Continue Reading

Sunset in Gili Trawangan – One of the most enjoyable things in Gili Trawangan was the sun setting. Every day we watched it from a different spot taking pictures and seeking the best light of the whole island. This snaps were at Gili… Continue Reading

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