Travel Like A Winemaker in Bali – I love a good trip! Travel Junkie Indonesia invited for Bali’s Cultural Trip with Jelajah Mahakarya Indonesia, and it was FREAKING AMAZING!!! Hatten Wines is a Balinese company, committed to international standards of quality and taste. Indonesian brands… Continue Reading

Travel Like a Ciu Maker in Sukoharjo – Travel like a ciu maker at Bekonang village, Sukoharjo district, not far from Solo in Central Java Province. At the entrance to the village, a rusty, official-looking sign says that this is a home-industry alcohol-producing village. And, the… Continue Reading

How to Cook Like A Gudeg Maker in Yogyakarta– Are you ready to burp, burp, and burp? I have some pretty cool to share from Yogyakarta, where International Travel Bloggers spent much of last month. Central Javan food is sweet, even the curries, like gudeg (young jackfruit stewed… Continue Reading