THE TRAVEL JUNKIE IN MIYAGI ZAO ROYAL HOTEL – We love traveling and there’s so many different ways of doing it. You can go on a trip to explore new places or to onsen in the Miyagi Zao Royal Hotel. You can travel to have fun with… Continue Reading

GUIDE TO MIYAGI ZAO KOKESHI MUSEUM – In the modern Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Museum, there are many intersting areas, including an exhibition hall exhibiting Kokeshi dolls from across the country, a booth where demonstrations are given by Kokeshi artisans, an experience area where travel junkies… Continue Reading

TOHOKU KOKESHI PAINTING CLASS – We mentioned in our previous video that Tokyo was a city from the future, but our visit to Miyagi Zao helped us learn a little bit more about Japan’s traditional side. We came across one of the most… Continue Reading

BETWEEN OKAMA CRATER AND ZAO ECHO LINE, TOHOKU – JAPAN – We travelled to Okama Crater, a circle lake surrounded by the three mountains of the Zao Mountain Range and we saw some of the most beautiful spots that the Zao Echo Line of approximately 26 km in total… Continue Reading

JAPANESE ONSEN ETIQUETTE – Hot springs, or onsen, are a big deal in Miyagi Zao Royal Hotel, Japan. onsen are comprised of volcanic spring water that’s full of natural minerals, giving health benefits like clearer skin, detoxification and even weight loss (it’s… Continue Reading