Memories From Tamblingan Lake, Bali – We love this images, taken during a trip to Gubug Temple, Tamblingan Lake, Bali. Tamblingan Lake is a lake located on the north slope of Mount Mortar, Munduk Village area, District of Banjar, Buleleng, Bali. This lake is… Continue Reading

Warung Kopi Bukit Hexon in Central Bali – Hey travel junkies! The other day while we were in Bali, some local friends took me to hang out at Warung Kopi Bukit Hexon, Central Bali. Travel junkies who comes to visit Bukit Hexon, manages to pop in… Continue Reading

Sweet Symphony in Munduk Village Bali – I decided to go for a spontaneous outing and take my three friends to Kadek home in Kayu Putih village, Munduk – Central Bali. I was excited! which is usually excellent. A change in dynamics is always good… Continue Reading

A Gorgeous Balinese Style – When did you fall in love with Bali and think “I could maybe live here”? My love affair with Bali began in the 80s. The smells, the people, the culture, the beauty, the craziness and the grace, it’s… Continue Reading

Top 10 Adventures in Indonesia – Indonesia is full of things to do for outdoor adventure travelers with mountains, rain forests, coral reefs, beaches and unique wildlife. Being an island there are plenty of water sports including surfing, white water rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing,… Continue Reading