THE TRAVEL JUNKIE IN MIYAGI ZAO ROYAL HOTEL – We love traveling and there’s so many different ways of doing it. You can go on a trip to explore new places or to onsen in the Miyagi Zao Royal Hotel. You can travel to have fun with… Continue Reading

GUIDE TO MIYAGI ZAO KOKESHI MUSEUM – In the modern Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Museum, there are many intersting areas, including an exhibition hall exhibiting Kokeshi dolls from across the country, a booth where demonstrations are given by Kokeshi artisans, an experience area where travel junkies… Continue Reading

HAT YAI’S MAGIC EYE 3D MUSEUM, THAILAND – One of the thing that Hat Yai is good for is magic 3D, hence why we decided to visit the Magic Eye 3D Museum. You can enjoy viewing and taking photos as your imagination. Meet varieties of trickery… Continue Reading

The Oasis Museum in South Tangerang – Today I take you to one of my favorite spots to let go and enjoy. The Oasis Museum, I called it, which opened in 2010, has since welcomed hundreds of patrons, most of whom heard about it through… Continue Reading

Stockholm For Children of All Ages – Stockholm has several places with incredible views of the city. Take the stairs up the City Hall Tower, climb up Skinnarviksberget or ride to the top of the Ericsson Globe with SkyView. Discover the hills of Söder on… Continue Reading

A Fabulous Royal Canal Tour, Stockholm – We spent the first part of the journey having fun on the Royal Canal Tour. Scenery sightseeing! A tour through the greener parts of Stockholm. Leaving the inner city behind, we passed beautiful and famous buildings as we… Continue Reading

Experience Stockholm in 75 Minutes – Your alarm goes off way too early, you get in the shower and have breakfast in less than five minutes. You go out into the street. And, I want to show you something different about my city, Stockholm.… Continue Reading

Stockholm in 48 Hours – No matter what you’re looking for, Stockholm is a city of experiences. You’ll find hikes, viewpoints, guided tours, world heritage sites, over one hundred museums and other activities. This is Stockholm. Happy everything… And here is a guide… Continue Reading

A Journey Into the Dutch Art and History in Rijkmuseum, Amsterdam – Summer in Amsterdam has something for everyone: countless festivals, museums, urban beaches and parks galore. Many years ago, I made a promise to visit Rijkmuseum and when in Amsterdam, I was invited to visit Rijkmuseum with iAmsterdam. The… Continue Reading

Top 44 Museums in Amsterdam, Holland – Amsterdam is home to a variety of world-famous museums. No trip to the city is complete without stopping by the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum or Stedelijk Museum. From museums about tulip to an amazing collection of handbags, plus… Continue Reading

Chilling at Indische Buurt, Amsterdam – The other day, we went to Indische Buurt for work and spend some time getting lost in this amazing city. The weather was not that great so we decided to spend the afternoon in the kapsalon, book store… Continue Reading

One Afternoon in Bibliotheek Indische Buurt, Amsterdam – I headed down to Oba Biblioteek Indische Buurt with 3 other localfriends. When I saw the 12,000 music CDs, I was struck with spontaneous craziness, stripped off and jumped in – in my black-major fx headphone from Marshall.… Continue Reading