Deep Blue Breathtaking Sunset in South of Nias Island – In the soft sunlight of the Nias island dry season everything looks better. Nias island makes you wanna rest at every corner to take a photo. We stopped at west Sorake, south of Nias to capture this deep… Continue Reading

Nias Island Fashion Show, Absolutely Amazing! – Hi travel junkies! This blog post NOT about New York Fashion Week or Stockholm Fashion Week. But, I attended a fashion show in the middle of the Nias island… but with a difference. AAAKK! I had the honour… Continue Reading

The Faces of Nias Island – Hi travel junkies everywhere! Yesterday, I wrote about the stone music of Nias island. And, this day, I’m sharing a bit about the faces of Niassans. A super cute, a glance, a look, a shy smile, a tan,… Continue Reading