Labuhan Haji Situation, East Lombok – So our first of december went very well. Started with a big breakfast, then off to a late lunch with local friends. We went for a small walk in this traditional markets and capped the night with some… Continue Reading

A Nude Morning in Gili Trawangan – You asked for more travel pictures from Gili Trawangan Island, Lombok – Indonesia. Yeyyyyy that makes me really happy – here you go! It’s about beaches, reefs, waves, massages and sunshine. A new morning in Gili Trawangan and… Continue Reading

Golden Day in Gili Meno – Golden Day in Gili Meno, Lombok – Indonesia. Yeah, I travel a lot now. I loved the mix of excitement and apprehension that came over me every time I landed in a new island. I loved seeing new… Continue Reading

A Magical Gili Air – A few years ago, I took a quick trip to Gili Air Island in Lombok – and it was MAGICAL. Here is a first pictures (one of the most beautiful tropical islands of my life) and someday I’ll… Continue Reading

Another Sweet Summer’s Afternoon on Gili Trawangan Hill – It really is a sweet life. I went to my favourite hill to chill out in the sun. I spent half the day at the Gili Trawangan Hill. I was utterly intoxicated by all the colours around me.… Continue Reading

The Man Who Sold the Halmahera – Just want the world to know… that I love North Halmahera so so so much! This is Katreji ladies, and I. Such a fun afternoon. It was AMAZING! Photo by hafidz novalsyah. I was wearing a classic tee… Continue Reading

See Komodo Dragon Feces in the Wild – A dream of mine came true when I traveled to Komodo National Park. Never did I imagine that see Komodo dragon feces in the wild. Komodo National Park is Paradise – everything is green, blue, tropical, exotic and… Continue Reading

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The Travel Junkie in Ikat Style – Oh my. I found this old photos of my friends and I in Ikat style in the National Alliance of Indigenous People Congress. And, I totally choked up with delight and nostalgia. It our Ikat style. Wear a… Continue Reading

[video] Sound From the East by the Social Traveler– We love eastern Indonesia. Cokiliciouz’s latest video is a brilliant black-and-white with sound from the eastern Indonesia. Aku adalah Papua, aku adalah Maluku, aku adalah Nusa Tenggara, aku adalah Sulawesi (I’m Papua, I’m Maluku, I’m Nusa Tenggara, I’m Sulawesi).… Continue Reading

Postcards From Komodo National Park in the Mid-1920s – The world is getting smaller every year. Komodo dragons were first documented by Europeans in 1910, when rumors of a “land crocodile” reached Lieutenant van Steyn van Hensbroek of the Dutch colonial administration. Widespread notoriety came after 1912,… Continue Reading

South Lombok is Blessed with the Islands Best Beaches – I love Lombok! I brought my friends and the tandem bike to south Lombok from Senggigi – with its amazing, sweeping, postcard-perfect views of Rinjani mountain, magical rice fields and exotic villages. Tropical Loveland by ABBA became our… Continue Reading