See Odaiba Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo – Japan – Happiness is… sitting with Odaiba statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge view, under a clear blue sky, watching everyone run around in the warm setting sun. I walked around and I felt like I was in a movie… Continue Reading

Go Crazy For Hello Kitty, Odaiba, Tokyo – Japan – Hello Kitty is a cultural phenomenon in Japan!  Classic, timeless and iconic, this cute feline is just about everywhere. An ideal souvenir shop for everyone. Here you are sure to find the perfect item to commemorate that special… Continue Reading

Meet Gundam at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Japan – Since its premier on Japanese television in 1979, Mobile Suit Gundam has gained a huge following with fans around the world. I met and said ‘hello’ to Japan’s most famous giant robot whenever I’m at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza,… Continue Reading

Get A Taste of The Most Futuristic Cruise in Tokyo, Japan – While we were in Tokyo, we got a taste of the most futuristic cruise. Does it involve a boat designed by a manga author? Weirdly specific question, but yes! Named after an ancient Japanese queen, the Himiko is… Continue Reading