Grilled Skipjack Tuna with Sambal Matah in Serangan Island, Bali – The other day, I met up with my friend and his uncle (who was in town from Sanur) for dinner at the seafood stalls area near the entry gate to Serangan Beach, Bali. Offers Balinese style grilled fish,… Continue Reading

Travel Like A Winemaker in Bali – I love a good trip! Travel Junkie Indonesia invited for Bali’s Cultural Trip with Jelajah Mahakarya Indonesia, and it was FREAKING AMAZING!!! Hatten Wines is a Balinese company, committed to international standards of quality and taste. Indonesian brands… Continue Reading

Travel Sex in Indonesia – Sometimes it’s hard to find the appropriate outlet for sharing the sexy stories. I think it’s great to have travel sex life as a resource to go read, write or learn about what’s really going on behind closed… Continue Reading