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Hand Woven Ikats From Sumba – Sumbanese ikat is the most dramatic, and arguably best-executed in Indonesia. It’s very highly prized by collectors, as natural dyes still predominate: earthy orange-red from the kombu tree bark, indigo blue, and yellow hues derived from loba leaves.… Continue Reading

Betel Nut From Sumba – Travel through Sumba and Timor and you can’t avoid the random splodges of red residue that liberally decorate the pavements and bus aisles of this region, or the villagers’ foaming, scarlet mouths. The substance behind the stain is… Continue Reading

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10 Best Travel Destinations in Indonesia – Where to go on holiday this year. Back to work, back to making holiday plans. Travel Junkie Indonesia scours the globe to find you this year’s 10 greatest destinations.

Pasola : Let The Battles Commence – A riotous tournament between two teams of spear-wielding, ikat-clad horsemen, the Pasola has to be one of the most extravagant, and bloodiest, harvest festivals in the world. Riders risk life and limb as they aim wooden spears at… Continue Reading

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