Indonesian Course In Sunshine Coast – This is a non-package program. Discuss with me to decide the course duration, schedule, and materials to meet your needs. You can include field trips and/or outdoor courses as well. Immerse yourself in Indonesian language communication in your… Continue Reading

Sunshine Coast: The Best Roads In Australia – North Arm Yandina Creek Road, Toolborough Road and Zgrajewski Road in Yandina Creek, Sunshine Coast NEED sealed roads, pathways, bike lanes, footpaths and public transportation. People all over the world are starting to radically reimagine travel and commutes… Continue Reading

Electric Biking DYU V1 and F-wheel A5 In The Boardwalk View of Mount Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Australia – Last week, I woke up early in the morning and took The Bojoku out for a little e-bike ride in the Boardwalk View of Mount Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Australia. The Boardwalk View of Mount Coolum offers a stunning… Continue Reading