Surfing at Serangan Beach, Bali – The other sunny sunday afternoon, my Colombian friend and I went surfing at Serangan Beach, Bali. The hot, humid air of a rainy seasons afternoon weighted heavily on our shoulders when we drove through the colourful hustle and… Continue Reading

Bliss Wayan: The First Thematic Surfing Hotel in Bali – Last weekend, After discover Western Australia. I made a quick trip to Bali for Avilla #BlissfulBali. We took stay at Bliss Wayan Hotel, and it was AMAZING. The surfer-chic Bliss Wayan Hotel presents contemporary architecture with a funky… Continue Reading

8 Water Activities with Ripcurl School of Surf Bali – For those of you with travel junkies mind and with energy to do more than shopping, sunbathing, or sightseeing, below are 8 Water Activities with Ripcurl School of Surf Bali. If you know what you like – go… Continue Reading