An Incredible Energy of Fort Somba Opu – This day we bring you to Fort Somba Opu, replete with our adventures, some great experience and beautiful snapshots. The Fort is frenetic and crazy but has an incredible energy. It’s a magical place and I hope to… Continue Reading

The Majestic of Fort Rotterdam – Makassar has changed so much since I was a kid. A lot of this has been good change in the form of art, culture, neighborhood-defining restaurants, shops and more. And, Fort Rotterdam is still a beautiful place to… Continue Reading

Quality of Life From Kalimantan to Sulawesi – Found the meaning of life yet? One for the travel junkies, this 2700 – oddkilometre route takes in the Orangutans of magical Tanjung Puting National Park and the Dayaks of Kalimantan’s interior, before skipping over to Sulawesi for… Continue Reading