CHANG PUAK ELEPHANT CAMP IN HAT YAI, THAILAND – If you are into Thai film and happen to be in Hat Yai there’s one place you shouldn’t miss: the Chang Puak Camp. Located at 86, Moo 1, in Thoong Yai sub-district, Hat Yai district, Song Khla covering… Continue Reading

A SWEET MORNING IN HAT YAI, THAILAND – This is the view from my room in Hat Yai, Thailand. This was a sweet morning. This pics is a film, it has been made with a 35mm. You can see it in the contrast and the grain.… Continue Reading

HAMID RESTAURANT IN HAT YAI, THAILAND – Walking to get completely lost is the best way to get to know new places. This is exactly what we did a couple of weeks ago in Hat Yai in Thailand, walking around the city when we came… Continue Reading

HAT YAI FLOATING MARKET, THAILAND – When in Hat Yai, we went to Hat Yai Floating Market or Khlong Hae Floating Market, an incredible culture space where you can enjoy local culture while having the place to yourself. To get there you can take… Continue Reading

TRANG’S 3D STREET ART PAINTING – One of the reasons why we want to return to Trang, Thailand is because we love its 3D Street art painting area. The street’s walls are filled with graffiti which turn any walk into an amazing experience. It… Continue Reading

TRAVEL LIKE SOEKARNO IN TRANG, THAILAND – After a few days in Trang we travel like Soekarno and re-charge our batteries to continue with our route around the Southern Thailand. We found the most heritage station in the side of the city, Kantang Railway Station.… Continue Reading

WHAT TO EAT IN TRANG, THAILAND – I had the absolute pleasure of eating at the Krua Lumpu in Trang, Thailand, one of our favourite seafood restaurants. The atmosphere was simple, minimal and tropical. All the while, I was going a little crazy myself, with… Continue Reading

INTO THE BELLY OF DRAGON IN LE KHAOKOB CAVE, TRANG – When in Trang, Thailand we visited Le Khaokop Cave, one of the must-visit caves in the world. We parked relatively near and we walked for a little while to take a canoe for into the belly of dragon.… Continue Reading

THIS GUY’S IN LOVE WITH DRAGONS IN TRANG, THAILAND – Anything can happen in Trang, Thailand. You can come across real-life wooden dragons in the Wang Thep Taro Learning Centre, the owner (Mr. Jaroon Keawla-eiad) runs his home-business by using Theptaro wood as the main material to produce… Continue Reading

THE ORIGIN OF FAMOUS CAKE IN TRANG, THAILAND – I’ve been baking again! We went to Kuk Ming-Lum Phura Cake Shop, the origin of famous cake in Trang, Thailand. Trang Cake is a cake that made of only a few ingredients; flour, butter, sugar, food color, baking… Continue Reading