SUNSET AT ANANTARA SI KAO RESORT AND SPA, THAILAND – When you’ve travelled the world from East to West you think there is nothing that can amaze you anymore, you’ve seen all the most beautiful things. Yet you get to Trang and realise you have never seen palms… Continue Reading

MUST-TRY RESTAURANT IN KOH MOOK SIVALAI BEACH RESORT, THAILAND – We went to Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort in Trang, Thailand, to enjoy some down time on the beach, long lunches and good music. The atmosphere was humble, simple, minimal and tropical. We managed to get some sun… Continue Reading

MAGICAL MORAKOT CAVE, KO MOOK – THAILAND – We have already made one of our dreams come true. We spent a day at Morakot Cave (Emerald Cave) or “Tam Nam” a local name, one of our favorite spots in Ko Mook, Trang, Thailand. We were able… Continue Reading

PERFECT DAY IN KO KRADAN, THAILAND – After a few days exploring Trang and enjoying the magical underwater wedding in Ko Waen Island, we knew that our next destination would perfect for us to relax in. We arrived in Pak Meng Pier in the morning… Continue Reading

THE TRANG UNDERWATER WEDDING CEREMONY – Hola from the other side of the world! If you follow us on social media you’ll know that we are spending an incredible few days in Trang, Thailand. Love permeates the air when the 20th Trang Underwater Wedding… Continue Reading

YES WE DO IN TRANG, THAILAND – Time flies. We spent a whole week traveling around the Trang and Songkhla and completely empty roads in the search for the perfect backdrop for both our memories and our hearts. We will never forget the moments we… Continue Reading

THE UNDERWATER WEDDING WELCOME DINNER AND KIN-NEOW RITUAL, TRANG – We are so happy it finally happened. We absolutely love a month of love “February”, it’s the perfect time to travel and get to know different places. And we wanted to share some photos which we made for… Continue Reading

THAI SEAFOOD PARTY AT KAI TOD DEACHA SEAFOOD, HAT YAI – We love the city’s culinary culture and today we want to share with you one of our favourites spots, the Kai Tod Deacha Seafood on Cheeautid Road, the place is simply amazing and seafood is delicious. For those… Continue Reading

[VIDEODIARY] HAT YAI AND TRANG, THAILAND – Today we bring you the videodiary which we took in the 20th Anniversary of Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony 2016 trip, one of the trips that we were dying to see in Thailand. The 1st Trang Underwater Wedding was… Continue Reading

PULLMAN JAKARTA INDONESIA UNDERWATER – After a few days in work hard we set off for the play hard hotel pool for hours to relax, rest and re-charge our batteries to continue with our route around the Indonesia. We found the most beautiful… Continue Reading

The Zen of Underwater Scene… Maratua Island, East Borneo – How can I learn to hold my breath like a freediver? It’s not as difficult as you might think. I spent in a state of absolute serenity during an underwater session at a blue hole in Maratua Island,… Continue Reading

The Colorful of Parigi Moutong Hard Coral – Hi travel junkies. This is a guest post, text and photo by Rully Nasution. Many Parigi Moutong reefs depending their structural characteristics of reef types, describes as Barrier Reef , border the shoreline but are separated from the… Continue Reading