Visiting Monkey Mia To Study Dolphins – Hi everyone! My friends and I took a little adventure. We headed over to the Dolphin Beach where the famous Monkey Mia dolphins visit each morning. It’s kms of secluded crystal blue waters and pristine white-shell beaches, Monkey… Continue Reading

Visiting The Bill Sewell Complex – I had a really wonderful, simple, meaningful days. This day, we bring you to Bill Sewell Complex, Geraldton – Western Australia. This beautiful historical suite of buildings in the heart of Geraldton was formerly the Victoria District Hospital… Continue Reading

Visiting the Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat – I had a really wonderful, simple, meaningful days, where International Travel Bloggers spent much of last month in Yogyakarta. The sense of tradition holds strong in Yogyakarta. In formal terms, it’s called, “Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.” Less formally, the… Continue Reading

Visiting Sumba – Sexy Villages & Exotic Cultures – Many Sumbanese villagers are now accustomed to tourists, but many still have difficulty understanding the strange custom of Westerners who simply want to observe an exotic culture and sexy villages. If you’re interested in their weavings or other… Continue Reading