Running to Malimbu Hills, Lombok – Hi there! This day we bring you to Malimbu Hills, Lombok – West Nusa Tenggara. I stayed in Senggigi with my expat friend family. It was so much fun, very relaxing and just lovely to get away from… Continue Reading

A Trip to Gili Nanggu, Lombok – I love a good holiday! This day we bring you to Gili Nanggu, Lombok – West Nusa Tenggara. And it was AMAZING. Gili Nanggu is a tiny island west of Lombok, and only takes 30 minutes on a… Continue Reading

Silenced By The Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok – My expat friends has invited us for a few days in a small piece of heaven and hosted and treated us like a king. We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves. Here… Continue Reading

Chill Out at Mandalika Beach, Lombok – Today, we bring you to one of my favourite beach to chill out in the sun. We spent a glorious afternoon at Mandalika Beach, Lombok – West Nusa Tenggara. My god, I had a fabulous time lazing in… Continue Reading

Gili Kondo : Fabulous Tropical Island From East Lombok – I love a good tropical island! Travel Junkie Indonesia took a 6 day trip to Gili (island) Kondo, West Nusa Tenggara. And, it was AMAZING. Gili Kondo or Gili Badek is one of Travel Junkie Indonesia’s tropical lovelands… Continue Reading