Thai Dinner At The Blue Elephant Restaurant Bangkok – One of the things that we love most about traveling is organising foodie routes in all the different cities that we go to. It’s the best way to get to know restaurants and cafés. We felt drawn towards the Blue Elephant Bangkok, a very cosy Thai restaurant. The restaurant is gorgeous and the food is to die for.

We will definitely be going back and we hope that it will be sooner rather than later.

Betel Leave Snack Wrap, Thai traditional snack – betel leaves wrapped with assortments of desiccated coconut, roasted peanuts, ginger, shallot, green lime, served with caramelized sauce made from palm sugar, tamarind juice and shrimp paste.

Tapioca, Steamed tapioca stuffed with caramelized kubota pork, sweet turnip and crushed peanuts.

Foie Gras, Seared French goose liver from “Landes” with Thai North-eastern style chili sauce.

River Prawn Salad With Mangosteen, Grilled Ayutthaya river prawn salad with mangosteen and spicy tamarind dressing.

Crispy Crab Souffle, Deep fried crab shell stuffed with minced prawns, chicken and crab meat, Blue Elephant red curry paste, encrusted and topped with crispy egg, served with sweet chili sauce mixed with ground roasted peanuts.

Duck Longan Soup, Spicy and sour soup with roasted duck and organic longan.

Loong Reur Chili Relish, Ancient Thai dip and Parkia seeds served with crispy catfish and assorted vegetables.

Crab Curry With Betel Leaves, A very spicy Phuket specialty! A crab curry and betel leaves.

Steamed Cononut Rice, steamed organic rice in a roasted young coconut shell.

Massaman Curry With Lamb and Sweet Purple Potato, From the poem of King Rama II, a succulent stewed Australian lamb with Massaman curry paste in coconut milk, tamarind juice, palm sugar, sweet purple potatoes, and cashew nuts.

Blue Elephant Phad Thai, Fried rice noodles with fresh prawns, ground roasted peanuts with tamarind sauce. – This world renowned dish was created during the Second War in the period of Prime Minister General Por Phiboonsongkram.

Crispy Snow Fish, Topped with stir-fry bird’s eye chili, garlic and sweet basil.

Egg Custard with Pumpkin, Ruby Sago, Jasmine Ice Cream.

Blue Elephant, Bangkok
233 South Sathorn Road
Kwaeng Yannawa, Khet Sathorn
Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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