Thai Northeastern Cuisine at A’ La Campagne, Pattaya

Thetraveljunkie.orgPattaya is always summer, welcoming and has plenty of open spaces, hence why we love it. We discovered A’ La Campagne in one of its tourist hubs, and were quite surprised. It was recommended by a few local people so we knew we had to check it out. It’s the perfect spot to retire to if you want to get away from the crowds taking photos of the distinctive colourful farm tour and tuck into healthy and organic lifestyle, and a lovely glass of lemongrass. We have to admit that we’ve also seen the lunch on instagram and it looks incredible.

We ordered traditional green papaya salad with salted egg, deep fried papaya salad with shrimp, deep fried steaky pork, grilled pork neck, grilled chicken traditional style, spicy salad with pork, spicy stewed young pork ribs soup, deep fried baby shrimp with sweet and sour dipping, deep fried marinated mushroom, spicy fresh mixed mushroom salad, and deep fried seabass with mango salad for lunch.

Stay tuned for my ‘Amazing Luxperience’ in Thailand.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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