Thank You For The Indigenous Culture

Traditional dance is the hidden language of the soul.

A video posted by The Travel Junkie (@traveljunkieid) – I went to visit the Institute Seni Indonesia Surakarta, a place where culture is still born and where you can get an idea about what you will see during seasons to come. It was a lovely show, with lovely architecture and lots of space. There’s an infallible combination that will never go out of culture: creativity, respect and the willingness to achieve greatness.

Yes I’m having a fabulous time in Surakarta!

Memayu hayuning bawana, ambrasta dur hangkara. // All people live in this world should pursue peacefulness, happiness, prosperity, and fight against the nature of insolence, and greed.

A video posted by The Travel Junkie (@traveljunkieid)


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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