The Behavioral Ecology of the Komodo Monitor – This book is not a novel. It is a detailed description of almost all aspects of the Ora (the Komodo dragon inhabitant’s name for the Komodo monitor), not permitting the some anatomical details of the monitor. As the title implies, the Ora’s behavior is magnified greatly.

The book is a leading authority on the behavioral aspects of the book. Morphology, grow analysis, predator-prey coactions, and ecology information is also included and is very complete and well recorded (as is everything in the book).

Travel Junkie Indonesia personally love auffenberg’s book because I feel that while presenting very ground-breaking, interesting, and still useful information on one of the most interesting organisms on the planet, he captures a psuedo-scientific charm about Komodo monitors that can almost be described as cultural.

His writing is aware of its shortcomings but at the same time captures a wordless quality about an organism so different that science can only begin to describe it. perhaps this is my bias as a scientist, but i found auffenberg’s book very inspiring for both science and elsewhere.

This is a must have for any person interested in this lizard, but is serious reading. Komodo Dragon is truly the only living Dragon on earth. Amazing!

So, are you ready vacation to Komodo National Park?

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