The Colorful of Parigi Moutong Hard Coral

the colorful of parigi moutong hard coral. | photo by rully nasution – Hi travel junkies. This is a guest post, text and photo by Rully Nasution.

Many Parigi Moutong reefs depending their structural characteristics of reef types, describes as Barrier Reef , border the shoreline but are separated from the land by a large lagoon that may be of considerable depth.

Barrier reefs are frequently formed by a network of individual reef systems, often encompassing fringing reefs extending from offshore islands.

Protecting Coral
Humans can damage corals by hitting them with anchors, walking on them and polluting the water they live in. Storms can injure or even kill many corals. Diseases can also kill them.

It is important to treat corals well so they can be around for a very long time. Never remove or break off a piece of coral.

When reef walking, never walk where you are not supposed to and stick to the sandy areas.

When you are in a boat never anchor near a coral reef because the anchor could get caught in the coral and destroy it.


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