The Faces of Nias Island

the girl from tetegewo village | taken by Sony a65v – Hi travel junkies everywhere!

Yesterday, I wrote about the stone music of Nias island. And, this day, I’m sharing a bit about the faces of Niassans.

A super cute, a glance, a look, a shy smile, a tan, a click. A picture. What I remember most from my travels are faces.

Faces of the people I met, who are burn in my mind with the look in their eyes.

Sometimes when traveled like a local, they’ve told me their story, sometimes you can read their story in their faces. Niassans, I probably will never meet again.

These are the faces of Nias island, for me.

pramuka girls and boy at hiliamaetaniha | taken by Sony a65v

mom and son in the wooden house | taken by Sony a65v

the wooden boy | taken by Sony a65v

the boy on the road to tetegewo | taken by Sony a65v

tetegewo girl | taken by Sony a65v

What kind of story are their faces telling you?

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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