The Gold Coast’s High Altitude Adventure

higher than the sun. – Hi lovely travel junkies!

Tourism Queensland and Tourism Australia took me to the SkyPoint Climb for the challenge actually the 90-minutes experience walk around the outside of the tower and having a fantastic day!

SkyPoint Climb is Australia’s highest external building walk, taking climbers on a guided journey reaching 270 metres into the sky on top of the Gold Coast’s iconic Q1 tower.

Woohoo… Travel Junkie Indonesia into the sky in spring and extremely winds. Are you scared? How do you feel?

hold, hold on to me. | taken by Sony NEX-7

skypoint climb junkies.

gold coast skyline.

everything in it’s right place.

takes me higher than the sun.

The truth was, I was scared at all haha. But, I was feeling very confident, chilled and quite relaxed about the whole thing.

As we geared up, I started to feel excited and nervous. I was finally doing something that I have wanted to do in such a long time! This was the moment!

Ooh nooo oh nooo ooh yessss, damn damn damn. It was very cool! Oooh I believe my readers would possibly like to try.

like a friend you never knew was there.

flying around.

walking after you.

we’re higher than the sun.

OMG! It’s a very pretty place. Participants witness breathtaking 360 degree views of Gold Coast’s golden beaches, the city skyline and lush hinterland.

The Gold Coast thrill scene is a heart-stopping experience that is definitely not for people who are scared of heights.

Have you ever dreamed that you were walking? Walking on high above Gold Coast, 270 metres!!! That’s 881 feet if you’re not metric! Just like walking on air. I realized I was enjoying the adrenalin rush, yeah!!

Well this was exactly what it felt like. Just like in my dreams.

Some tips on how to have a great day:

1) Rubber soled sports or hiking style shoes that offer good support and grip and are suitable for walking. No open toe shoes are allowed on the Climb,

2) Bring sunglasses; SkyPoint Climb will supply a special lanyard to ensure your glasses remain attached to you at all times,

3) Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions on the date of your Climb.

where birds don’t fly.

sounds, sounds like a storm.

surfer paradise people.

northern descent.

start your holiday on a high.

famous for fun.

Harnessed to a safety rail and dressed in a special protective suit. We step out side by side and over each other for a breathtaking 90-minutes. It was so pretty and peaceful and serene and NERVOUS and spring windy.

Phew. After that, it was definitely a FANTASTIC experience that was totally worth it! I’ll never forget!

Gold Coast, you stole my heart!

More information about SkyPoint Climb, visit

A big thank you to Garuda Indonesia, Queensland Government, Visit Gold Coast, Lady Elliot Island, Tourism and Events Queensland, and Tourism Australia.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. Looks like quite the adventure indeed! I’ll have to make the climb next time I’m in the neighborhood. Approx. how long does it take?

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