The Heart of a Rainbow in Jakarta – The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nusantara (Museum MACAN) was one of the highlights of our trip in Jakarta. Our expectations were really high, especially after visiting National Gallery of Victoria, and we must say we weren’t disappointed.

We got up very early to travel the 5,205 kms to the museum, boarding an online cab. We also had to walk for 5 minutes, but it was worth it. The museum itself is incredible: Life is the heart of a rainbow with Yayoi Kusama from May 12 to September 9.

The event is reportedly being organized by the National Gallery Singapore as well as the Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) in Brisbane, Australia, in collaboration with Museum MACAN.

Born in Nagano prefecture, Japan, Kusama started to paint polka dot and net motifs at the tender age of ten. The avant-garde artist is best known for her polka dot, net, pumpkin and infinity mirrored room works.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Jakarta.


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